Grants and support

    • If you are unemployed and participate in a subsidised training plan, you can get a grant and/or support, which will be paid in a single payment at the end of the course.

      Depending on your situation, location and course schedule, this support may be for travel, maintenance, accommodation, family reconciliation, or grants for disabled workers.

      The training centre is obliged to inform you about the requirements for applying for grants and support for each announcement, give you a grant and/or support application form, inform you of the file number, action and group of the course you attend (essential data) and process your application through FUNDAE.

    • If you have participated in a training plan and you have requested a grant or support, you can check your processing status here.

      Enter your NIF and the last four digits of the current account you entered on your application.

      If you made more than one request, select the year of the corresponding session.

      Fields with (*) are required.