Free training resources in digital competences

On 19 September, the collaborative framework between the State Employment Service, the State Foundation for Employment Training and large technology companies for dissemination and access to free training courses in digital competences, was presented.

By 2030, it forecast that 3.2 million jobs linked to digitisation will have emerged. We want to help you and respond to the new needs arising from the process of technological, digital and productive change. That is why this area was created. It will compile the results of this collaborative framework.

Today, many of the large companies in the country have free training resources in digital competencies on their web pages through their Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. All parties involved in the collaborative framework are aware of how useful it would be for these courses to be made accessible to all working people as it would improve their employability.

When the different collaboration agreements are signed, this area will show the training resources that large companies have developed, so you can use them for free.

Image gallery of the presentation of the collaborative agreement with large companies for access to digital training