What training for employment offers you



Train throughout your professional life and enhance your employability

Training and continuing learning improve your qualification level and increase your chances of maintaining employment or gaining access to a new position by strengthening your professional CV for the selection process of any private company and public administration.

The State Employment Service or Employment Services of your Autonomous Community can help you:

  • Set your own training itinerary and specify which courses to take to obtain the professional qualification you want.
  • Get a certificate of professionalism, which verifies you as having the professional qualification required for carrying out a work activity.
  • Accredit your professional training with the recognition of professional competencies acquired through your work experience and/or non-formal training.
    • As a worker, you can access the entire training offer in your activity sector and the transversal actions related to all sectors. Find the free course that best suits you on the course finder. You will also find the certificate of professionalism, which allows you to obtain an official accreditation and is valid throughout Spain, thus increasing your chances of promotion and re-qualification.

      Also, if you want to train, you can work and study and dedicate part of your working day to any training recognised by an official accreditation. Your company may be discounted for the salary cost of the hours you are absent (up to 200 working hours per calendar year or course) so you can develop professionally and personally. Find out about the Individual Training Permits.

    • If you are unemployed you can train in the training activities of any production sector. Find the ones that best suit your interests in the course finder, and remember that all courses offered in the search engine are free. If you want to obtain an official qualification valid throughout Spain and improve your employability, you can use the search engine to find a certificate of professionalism.

      Also, because of your unemployed situation, if you access a search engine course you can get a grant and/or support, so that training is not an economic burden. Depending on your situation, location and course schedule, this support may be for travel, maintenance, accommodation, family reconciliation, or grants for disabled workers.

      If you are under 30 and are not working, learn about and sign up for the youth guarantee programme, which aims to facilitate young people's access to the labour market.

      If you have any questions, you can receive help from the Employment Services of the Autonomous Communities, which can guide you in making a training plan. Remember, training sets you apart from the rest.

    • There is a training offer designed specifically for self-employed and social economy workers. Find the free training that best suits your needs and interests in the course finder.

      In addition, if you have salaried workers, you can train them and receive a discount for the cost of this training. You have a minimum credit of €420 to train through the discounted training. Learn More.